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Pappe Brings the Heat With Imported Indian Curry Spices

Pappe prides itself on the heat packed into its curry from the Goa region of India. In fact, it...

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Browse Books While Waiting for an Upscale Meal at Kramerbooks & Afterwords Café

When you think of a bookstore with attached café, you’re likely picturing something...

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Perk Up Your Day at Coffy Café

Don’t let the funky 70’s signage and logo of Coffy Café fool you. It's a...

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Check Out “Other Life Forms” at Keegan Theatre from June 15th through July 7th

​From June 15th through July 7th, The Keegan Theatre presents Other Life Forms, a romantic...

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Find Gluten Free Goodies at Rise Bakery

Rise Bakery is not only one of DC's favorite bakeries, it's also a gluten-free facility...

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Sip on a Specialty Brunch Libation at Room 11

It doesn't matter if it's before noon on a Sunday, Room 11 still lives up to its reputation...

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