Warm Up Over Hot Ramen at Menya Hosaki

Lots of Japanese restaurants have ramen, but that’s not what’s going on at Menya Hosaki. This modern eatery in Dupont Circle puts their ramen front and center, and it is practically the only thing on the menu. If you’re going to focus on one dish, it better be exceptional, and Menya Hosaki doesn’t disappoint. Choose from clear chicken chintan, porky tonkotsu, or savory dashi broth, each loaded with simple noodles, premium meat, and lots of flavorful toppings. There are a couple of spicy options, vegan choices, and indulgent extras like house made chili oil to customize your bowl. If you think about the perfect, soul-warming food for the winter, a steaming hot bowl of umami-packed ramen from Menya Hosaki is it. 

Dine-in is available, but be sure to join the waitlist before you visit the restaurant. When it comes to take-out, Menya Hosaki does an expert job at packaging their ramen for carryout service (and no mushy noodles when you arrive home).