DIY Your Dinner at Iron Age, a New Korean Barbecue Eatery Near Allegro

Having a meal at Iron Age is like dinner and a show. You’re hands-on as you stir, poke, and prod your way to a truly delicious Korean barbecue meal. Just get situated at your table, complete with a round grill positioned right in the center, and pick what you’d like to grill. 

The lunches and dinners are one flat price, so you can select your favorite beef, pork, vegetable, and chicken options to cook. Everything is presented beautifully by the Iron Age team, and expertly portioned for fast grilling. And these aren’t just you plain old meats and sides. Each piece comes marinated and seasoned to perfection, and you’ll be able to smell the toasty spices the minute they hit your grill. Iron Age makes a great spot for a first date (there’s certainly something to talk about), or as a relaxed spot that you can spend a long-awaited visit with friends to catch up. 

Find this new restaurant in Columbia Heights, with additional locations throughout Maryland. Reservation are reserved for parties of six or more, so try to visit soon before Iron Age becomes the latest hot spot in the neighborhood.