Don’t Miss the Cheesecake Squares at Rose Avenue Bakery

There’s a charming story behind how Rose Avenue Bakery got its name. It is not, as you might imagine, located on Rose Avenue, nor is it named after its owner, Rose Nguyen. Instead, the "Rose" in this bakery’s name refers to a variety of different influences, including the location of a childhood home, a beloved family friend, and the rose as a symbol of hope. Regardless of where the shop’s name originated, however, it’s clear that this little bakery is making a name for itself, thanks to its menu of delectable Vietnamese-style sweets. 

The most popular menu items may well be the single-serving fruit-topped cheesecake squares, but regulars say that everything here is tasty. Looking for something unique? Go for one of the shop’s coconut mochi puffs, or sink your teeth into a passionfruit donut filled with a sweet-tart fruit curd and dusted with raspberry sugar. Whatever you choose, be sure you pre-order online, because this place typically sells out quickly.