Explore Laotian Cuisine at Thip Khao

Laotian food might not be the most common cuisine in the United States, but it’s one that’s not to be missed. We’re fortunate here in DC to have Thip Khao nearby to get the full experience of Laotian cuisine.  Chefs and owners Seng Luangrath and Bobby Pradachith come from Laotian backgrounds—Luangrath being born in Laos and Pradachith growing up in a Lao household in nearby Northern Virginia—and both found a passion for their culture’s food. 

So, what makes up Laotian food? Two classic dishes you’ll find at Thip Khao (or on a trip to Laos yourself) include laab, a type of meat salad, and sticky rice. Try laab gai—consisting of wok-seared chicken salad, toasted rice, chili, banana flower, lemongrass, galangal, cilantro, rau ram, and sticky rice—or the vegan laab taohu, which is made with similar ingredients but a minced tofu salad in place of chicken. Be sure to add on some extra sticky rice so you have plenty to go around!

Place your order online and be sure to follow Thip Khao on Facebook for the latest updates. Just two blocks from the Columbia Heights metro stop on the Green Line, you’ll be enjoying your new Laotian fare favorites in no time.