March 15 Near Allegro: The St. Patrick’s Parade of Washington, D.C.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the St. Patrick’s Parade of Washington, D.C. and, as always, the display won’t disappoint.  Founded with the mission to “foster the understanding of and celebrate the Irish culture in America,” the parade follow Constitution Avenue NW, between 7th Street NW and 17th Street NW. In 2020, the parade will be held on Sunday, March 15.

The parade is organized by the St. Patrick’s Parade Committee of Washington DC and, in its most recent iterations, lasts nearly two hours—a far cry from its humble beginnings. Each year, the parade honors its grand marshal, a legacy including Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Helen Hayes, and John Hume, as well as a Gael of the Year, a recognition of contributions to the community. 

When all is said and done, the parade costs over $100,000 to put together. Generous sponsorships, donations, fundraisers, and, of course, volunteers, make this annual event possible. In fact, the St. Patrick’s Parade Committee of Washington DC itself is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization staffed by dedicated volunteers who work hard to not only put the event together but to raise the necessary funds to do so. Volunteers are welcome; contact information can be found on their website.