Have You Tried the Seafood Nachos at Anafre DC?

The recently opened restaurant Anafre DC is, at its heart, a true labor of love.  It joins its sister restaurants, Mezcalero and El Sol, under chef/owner Alfredo Solis with a special family tie.  Solis’ mother grew up in the Mexican countryside, without gas or electricity.  An anafre, or portable clay oven, was her only stove.  As such, the name of this restaurant has special meaning for the family. 

That sentiment comes through in their food, which has received glowing reviews.  Some customer favorites include the acapulco seafood nachos, polo a la brasa, and mole poblano. The drink menu features even more exciting items, particularly the cocktails.  Sixteen creations are on the menu, inspired by regions of Mexico, like the paloma rosada de chile ancho, which features sotol, ancho reyes, syrup, and lime and grapefruit juice. 

Happy Hour takes place Sunday through Thursday from 2 pm to 7 pm and late night everyday from 10 pm to 12 am, featuring an assortment of drinks as well as nachos, tacos, and shrimp tostadas.