The Dailey Method: Break Out of a Fitness Rut

If your typical gym workout needs an infusion of fun, The Dailey Method. This fitness studio offers its own uniquely designed barre classes, which emphasize alignment to ensure proper form and fast results. It also hosts spin classes mixed with some off-bike exercises to engage every muscle, from head to toe.

Check out the signature Dailey Barre class if you're looking for a new challenge. Using the ballet barre for balance, you'll flow through small, isometric movements that target specific parts of the body. Some mat work is incorporated, too, often with hand weights to increase the workload. When you're in the mood for cardio, come to a Dailey Cycle class. It consists mostly of biking to up-tempo beats, followed by a bit of upper body toning using weights. Both classes are offered in 60- and 45-minute formats.