Experience Filipino Cuisine at Purple Patch

You won’t find a more unique menu that the one at Purple Patch restaurant, and that’s because it comes directly from the unique food perspective of owner Patrice Cleary. Her food is a blend of the Filipino recipes learned from her mother, and the comfort food loved by her husband and son. The result is a fusion of flavors and ingredients that are both unexpected and comforting. Those Filipino specialties can be enjoyed for dinner, or at their weekend brunch.

The Champurrado is a must-try on the brunch menu. It is a Filipino chocolate rice pudding served with sea salt and toasted caramel coconut chips, and every bit is pure bliss. Or their signature Sisig (fried pork) is served in a savory brunch offering along with a fried egg, and it is the perfect fuel for the day. Purple Patch also has daily specials to spice up your weeknights, like Tuesday Choose Day wines for $20 per bottle, or Open Piano Night on Wednesdays.