Enjoy a Craft Beer and a Game of Super Mario at Jackie Lee’s

You might be surprised to see a classic Nintendo console at the far end of the bar at Jackie Lee's — and not just because it's 2018. With a menu of cocktails, brews, and bites that are so contemporary, the old school gaming system feels especially out of place. But that doesn't stop patrons from thoroughly enjoying the retro fun that it has to offer. One of the new owners, who opened the revamped Jackie Lee's last November, brings the cartridges from home, and he has nearly 200 of them, so you'll never run out of new games to play.

Don't get so wrapped up in your game that you forget to order a drink and something to eat, though. Jackie Lee's boasts a long list of craft beers, including some from DC-based breweries, and signature cocktails. Pair a specialty Old Fashioned or a Moscow Mule with a veggie corndog, a brisket sandwich, or bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers at Jackie Lee's.