Don’t Miss the Boozy Soft-Serve Ice Cream at The Airedale

If you have fond memories of lapping up soft-serve on warm summer days as a child, The Airedale boasts a dessert that will bring the nostalgia with an adult twist. The kitchen team infuses their "boozy" soft serve ice cream with either an ounce of Old Overholt Rye Whiskey or an ounce of Chacho, a jalapeno-infused liquor that complements the chocolate base of the ice cream.

Feel free to eat dessert before the main course at The Airedale—it's hard to resist. If you can maintain your self-control, order a bratwurst sandwich on a brioche bun, fish and chips featuring fried Atlantic cod, or pancetta mac and cheese with pretzel bread on the side. The boozy ice cream is also available at brunch, when the main course consists of options like the Belgian waffle, buttermilk banana pancakes, and the wild mushroom Benedict.