Unwind and Sweat at DC’s Past Tense Yoga Studio

Past Tense is a yoga studio rooted in three core values: community, joy, and openness. Its instructors work to create a space where those values are the top priority. To that end, they foster an inviting environment where each practitioner is important. They approach yoga with a light touch, allowing it to be a creative and delightful experience. And they welcome students of all ages, ability levels, and backgrounds to meet on the mat for practice.

Past Tense's instructors lead a variety of classes designed to meet pupils' many different needs. For someone who is seeking calm in a world full of chaos, slow flow and restorative classes offer easy, meditative movement. For a practitioner interested in a vigorous workout, the classic flow classes bring the fast-paced style of Vinyasa for a sweat session that will get your heart pumping. And anyone who is just looking to learn what yoga is all about can come to a beginner yoga class, which simply covers the basic movements and breathing techniques.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Devanath