Build Strength Through Power Yoga at Khepera Wellness

Khepera Wellness is a 14th Street Northwest yoga studio specializing in power yoga practices. With a variety of invigorating and energetic classes to choose from, this is one of the go-to spots in Washington DC for a yoga experience that stands apart from the rest.

Instructors Shay-La Romney and Brandon Copeland are certified yoga experts with hundreds of hours of training to back them up. This, in part, is what allows them to lead energetic classes like Powerhouse and Rocket Yoga with safety, which in turn lets you test the limits of your body and mind without fear. People who are looking for a challenge may want to check out the Trap Yoga class, which is held weekly. This program combines Power Yoga and hip hop music together to inspire students to push themselves farther, both in the practice of yoga, and in life. Stop by soon to experience the ways in which Khepera’s yoga classes can help you achieve your fitness goals!

Public Domain/Flickr/Hamza Butt