Looking for a New Dinner Spot? Try Arroz

Arroz is a brand-new restaurant near DC's Mount Vernon Square, and if you haven't yet visited, you might consider heading there this weekend. The kitchen specializes in Spanish and Moroccan fare, which means that the menu is full of creative, Mediterranean-style dishes like blackened eggplant with za'atar, herbed tomato and cucumber salad, and salt cod croquetas served with fried quail eggs on the side.

Arroz encourages guests to order their meals family-style, and it can be a lot of fun to mix and match half a dozen plates or more (especially if you visit with a group). The dining room itself is serene and upscale without being fussy, thanks to plenty of neutral tones, cozy upholstery, and a variety of metal and glass fixtures. The space is divided into a number of private nooks and booths, which Yelp reviewers say work well for romantic dates and for deep conversation with friends.