Art Fans Won’t Want to Miss “Toulouse-Lautrec: Illustrates the Belle Époque” at The Phillips Collection

An iconic and inspiring French artist’s pieces are on display for D.C. art fanatics until April 30th. Toulouse-Lautrec: Illustrates the Belle Époque at The Phillips Collection is a privately curated exhibit that allows visitors to learn about this renowned artist in a unique light.

Toulouse-Lautrec’s entire collection of edgy, nonconformist art was considered legendary for the time period, and it is inspired by Paris’s colorful nightlife. Many will recognize pieces like Jane Avril and Moulin Rouge, but will enjoy the experience of wandering by rare prints and engaging patrons enough to stop and fully absorb the meaning behind each piece.

This collection of cafe, theatre, and cabaret scenes is on display near the Dupont Circle area at The Phillips Collection from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and noon to 7 p.m. Sunday, with extended hours on Thursday until 8:30 p.m.