Find Fresh, High Quality Salads and More at Eatsa

High-quality nutritious bowls are made in-house with light, fresh ingredients at Eatsa, a vegetarian restaurant in downtown D.C. Eatsa’s goal is to deliver fantastic and nutrient-dense food at an affordable price, and guests say so far they deliver on this promise.

Seasonal ingredients meet bold seasonings and spices, all mixed up into a fair portion for customers on the go. Eatsa starts each bowl with quinoa and lets guests choose which direction the meal takes. While some opt for a sweet breakfast treat such as spiced apple quinoa, others lean towards the savory goat cheese and veggie scramble packed with nine different ingredients. Customize each bowl to your liking at one of Eatsa’s kiosks and wait until the display monitor shows your order is ready, then simply pull your reserved bowl from the case and enjoy! Eatsa provides some of the fastest, healthiest, and tastiest fast-casual meal option in D.C. at an unbeatable price.