Share a Meal With Friends at Quara Ethiopian Restaurant

For Ethiopian food in the Adam’s Morgan neighborhood of Washington D.C., check out Quara Ethiopian Restaurant. Located a mile and a half from Allegro apartments, Quara Ethiopian Restaurant is a new casual eatery that opened just three months ago.

The restaurant is pretty small, with a casual and laid-back atmosphere. Large windows in the dining room allow guests to see their quaint neighborhood surroundings while enjoying their meal. The space is small, with café tables set up close to one another, giving a cozy feel.

Ethiopian food is known for being eaten with your hands from communal plates. Most food is served with injera, a native spongy bread with a mild, tangy flavor. Portions are big, so make sure to bring your appetite when you visit! Quara is open for lunch and dinner, and guests can also get takeout or delivery service.