Want to Go Swimming This Winter? Check Out the Turkey Thicket Aquatic Center

Swimming is a unique activity: it's great exercise that gets your heart rate up and builds muscle, and yet it generally feels like fun, rather than work. That's just one of the reasons Turkey Thicket Aquatic Center is so popular with DC locals. This pool is also popular becuase it's a heated indoor facility, so you can swim all year round, and it also offers a wide variety of classes for swimmers of just about every age and ability.

You can sign kids up for an introductory swimming course, after which they'll be ready for a series of skills-development classes, including stroke-specific lessons and swim-team prep courses. Adults can sign up for swimming lessons as well, or you can go for some of the in-pool fitness courses, which range from dance-based aqua zumba, to deep-water aerobics, to abs and glutes strength training. Of course, the pool offers daily open swimming sessions, too, so everyone can simply have fun splashing around in the water with friends.