Browse for Fascinating Books and Movies After a Light Lunch at Sankofa Video Books & Cafe

Located just down the street from Howard University, Sankofa Video Books & Cafe has a vision: to combine the functions of urban coffee house, community cafe, live music venue, bookstore, and video store all in one cozy place. With a particular focus on books and films that showcase cultures of the African diaspora, this unique locale is always an interesting place to visit.

How did such a unique shop come into being? Well, owners Haile and Shirikiana Gerima are filmmakers who have been making movies since the 1970s. They founded this shop as a place to distribute their own work in 1997, and the store quickly expanded to include its current functions. Stop by on a Saturday afternoon for a tasty and fresh turkey sandwich or a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and then grab an iced coffee to sip while you browse the shelves filled with colorful books and films. The store even carries the city's largest collection of African-American children's books, so consider picking up a story or two for the little ones in your life.