Don’t Miss the Literary Events at Upshur Street Books

Petworth’s Upshur Street Books is a reminder that even in the digital age, small, independent book stores can thrive. Since it opened in 2014, Upshur Street has worked to foster connections with local book lovers of all ages, and the staff has listened to customers in order to curate a unique collection of children’s books, classics, graphic novels and more.

Bookstores are more than just the books on the shelves, however; they’re also hubs for the local literary community, and the folks at Upshur Street also regularly feature readings and performances from local writers, critics, and artists. Be sure to check the shop’s online schedule for upcoming book discussions, musical performances, and cocktail hours.

Of course, you can also just stop by the store any time you feel like it. On any given day you’re likely to find teenagers using the free Wi-Fi to work on book reports, couples chatting over local coffee and pastries, and excited kids picking out their first picture books — and you can’t order that online!