Get Tickets to The Cronica de Una Muerta Anunciado at The GALA Hispanic Theatre

GALA Hispanic Theatre is a lively Washington, D.C. venue that welcomes numerous guests every night. Founded 40 years ago, the GALA prides itself in displaying groundbreaking and energetic contemporary plays and performances. It's run by the National Center for Latino Performing Arts, so this venue’s performances are consistently innovative and provide spectacular presentations for everyone who attends.
In lieu of its 40th Anniversary Season, GALA presents the Cronica de Una Muerta Anunciado (Chronicle of a Death Foretold). The play is based on the internationally recognized novella by award-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The story, which is based on actual events, takes place in a small town in Colombia and begins to unravel within a conspiracy of silence, revenge, and strict moral codes. The play is riveting, keeping your heart pumping quickly throughout each act.
Cronica de Una Muerta Anunciado runs at GALA Hispanic Theatre until May 8, 2016.
GALA Hispanic Theatre
3333 14th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20010
(202) 234-7174