Dinner is Served Through Convenient Delivery at Radius Pizza

Lucky for pizza loving residents of Washington, D.C., Radius Pizza combines only top quality ingredients to craft some of the tastiest pies in the area. Guests flock to this restaurant every day of the week to indulge in their traditional Italian dishes, and it has become a go-to eatery for many residents.
Radius has an extensive menu that extends well beyond the popular pizza pies. There are a number of appetizers, salads, and pasta dishes that are large enough to share, but regulars love the variety of pies Radius offers. You'll find your traditional plain pies, but Radius also has a number of pies with interesting toppings like prosciutto and even house-made lamb sausage. Guests even have the opportunity to build their own pies by choosing any of Radius’s fresh ingredients to add to the pizza.
The dining area is dimly lit and very cozy, and the service staff is also very friendly. Radius also offers free delivery for those who like chowing down on great food from the comfort of their own homes.
Radius Pizza
3155 Mount Pleasant Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20010
(202) 234-0202