Have You Tried Dominican Fare? Experience the Best of the Island’s Cuisine Near Allegro at Los Hermanos

In 1995, the seed of what would eventually become Los Hermanos started out in a small, family-owned Bodega, where the family cooked and ate together inside the store itself. Two decades later, that spirit of togetherness still animates Los Hermanos, which is now a thriving DC restaurant serving traditional Dominican fare near Allegro.

The menu at Los Hermanos is pretty simple: you start by choosing your rice from options like chicken rice studded with peas, but you can also choose plain white rice if you prefer something simpler. Next, you choose your main dish from a list of home-style favorites, including salted cod with potatoes, grilled pork chops with a brown-sugar glaze or slow-cooked modongo with its spicy sauce. Finally, add a side dish like fried plantains or black beans to your meal and you're in for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Los Hermanos
1426 Park Road Northwest
Washington, DC 20010
(202) 483-8235