Gather Some Friends From Allegro for Trivia Night at Park View Patio

Located just moments from Allegro, Park View Patio combines the rustic feel of an old-world establishment with the contemporary amenities of a popular modern pub. Happy hours here are especially lively (and sometimes standing-room only) and are filled with colleagues socializing after a day at the office, friends relaxing together during the week, and couples meeting for drinks before going out to dinner. If you're early you can get a seat at the bar, and if you come a little later, you'll likely find yourself in one of the festive all-season patio tents that this place is named after.

Drinks are the main focus at Park View Patio, though the pub also serves a limited food menu. Try a burger topped with bacon and caramelized onions, or go for a Creole-seasoned crab cake served on brioche. Park View Patio also hosts a number of regular events, like weekly trivia competitions, USS parties, and more!

Park View Patio
3632 Georgia Ave.
Washington, DC 20010
(202) 291-2182